2018 Spring Edition

The Presidential returned to the douro line to welcome spring.

The Spring edition 2018 brought together three of the most celebrated Michelin Chefs, the most promising young Chef in the country and two rising stars, each recognised for their irreverent take on traditional cuisine, their commitment to the history, terroir and sustainability, and their outstanding talent.

Thank you Rui, Henrique, João, Vasco, António e Bruno!

  • Chef Rui Paula
  • Chef Vasco Coelho Santos
  • Chef João Rodrigues
  • Chef Antonio Galapito
  • Chef Bruno Caseiro
  • Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa

2017 Harvest Edition

The Presidential returned to the Douro line, this time in full Harvest season.

The 2017’s Harvest Edition brought together three of our most celebrated Chefs, the enfant terrible of portuguese cuisine and 2 rising stars, each recognised for their irreverent take on traditional cuisine, their commitment to the history and terroir, and their outstanding talent.

  • Chef Pedro Lemos
  • Chef Vitor Matos
  • Chef Miguel Rocha Vieira
  • Chef Ljubomir Stanisic
  • Chef Vasco Coelho Santos & Chef João Oliveira

2017 Spring Edition

The second edition of "the presidential" showcased in may three of the youngest and most brilliant chefs in europe.

The Spring edition 2017 celebrates three of the youngest, most innovative and recognised talents of the elite class of Michelin starred Chefs. Though they come from different backgrounds (Porto, Lisbon and Oslo), they share the passion for reinventing classic flavours, while respecting their history and ingredients. The Chefs aboard The Presidential accepted the unique challenge of designing and preparing an outstanding menu to be served aboard the incredible Presidential Train as it travels the magnificent Douro Valley line. Such a challenge can be easily understated - not only it requires serving impeccable courses to highly demanding gourmands, but to perform this on the tight kitchen of a two centuries old train while in motion - a task only possible by the hands of a true master.

  • Chef Esben Holmboe Bang
  • Chef João Rodrigues
  • Chef Pedro Lemos

Vila Joya at Douro

The inaugural edition of "the presidential" experience, by the hands of the legendary chef dieter koschina.

When I entered the presidential train for the first time, I was immediately carried to my childhood and to old movies, such as the 'Murder on the Orient Express' and 'The Train Robbers', starring John Wayne. I think this is a fascinating setting for a gourmet meal: classic charm and innovative cuisine coming together in a truly original experience. Chef Dieter Koschina, holder of two Michelin stars for 17 consecutive years

The Presidential is Portugal´s premier luxury experience, redesigned at each edition, to bring the world´s leading culinary talents to the most beautiful corners of the country, aboard the most exquisite train in portugal's history.