This voyage is made of stories that the Douro has to share.
These will be the ingredients of your story, memories of an incredible journey.

Classified as World Heritage, the Douro Valley Cultural Landscape is unique and can be visited in many ways. None of them will leave you indifferent and if you are in the region 2 or 3 days we will all like to include the trip by car, cruise ship or helicopter in your pack.
Region of Douro
It is in the most Demarcated region of Douro, in the Alto Douro Vinhateiro, that the famous Port wine is produced. The river strolled between the steep slopes but it was the Man who turned the schist mountains into earth and walls and planted the vineyard there, green in the spring and fire-colored in the fall.
An ecosystem of unique value was created, where the characteristics of the soil are improved by the built terraces, preserving the vineyard of the erosion and allowing the slopes to be cultivated.