Outstanding Partners
Our outstanding partners make this journey possible, by sharing with us the passion and romance of the railway.

The National Railway Museum, in Entroncamento, showcases the magnificent Presidential Train, which guests can always visit even after saying goodbye to The Presidential Experience, or discover some of the other treasures of the Portuguese Railway’s 160 years of history.

EMEF – Empresa de Manutenção de Equipamentos Ferroviários – is responsible, among other legendary trains, for renovating the centenary Presidential Train with truly impressive detail and accuracy.
IP, Infraestruturas de Portugal, impeccably preserves, renovates, and improves the national railway and some of the most beautiful train stations in the world, many of them on the Douro railway.

CP, Comboios de Portugal, serves the country with unique quality products and services, keeping the legacy of the national railway alive and thriving.
Valorizar Program
Linha de apoio à valorização turística do interior
Entity: Trajetórias & Melodias
Project: The Presidential Train
Investiment: € 163,671.00
Financing: € 110,106.00
Our Products
Our products are carefully selected in accordance with the three major elements which compose The Presidential experience - the Portuguese Presidential Train, the Chefs and the Douro Valley.
We’re passionate about discovering products of the highest caliber, in an ongoing effort to provide our customers the best experience imaginable. If you believe your brand deserves to be aboard The Presidential, please contact us.
Phone: +351 914 639 516 | E-mail: marta@thepresidentialtrain.com / sofia@thepresidentialtrain.com