About Us
An entrepreneur with an absolute drive for maverick ideas and exquisite projects, Gonçalo Castel-Branco found the Presidential Train at the National Railway Museum and it was love at first sight.

The best luxury experience in the country was born of that premise of finding talent, nooks and deserving products of a voyage so extraordinary and magical.

The everlasting search for the perfect combination and special ingredients drives The Presidential's team to perfect, at each edition, this fantastic journey.

In 2017 we had the honor of winning the golden award in the category “Best Public Event in the World 2017” in the BEA World 2017 awards.
Entroncamento is a small town, discreet and a bit out of hand - and this alone can justify that each of us does not know that there exists one of the best museums in the country. I myself did not know about it, and it was through a happy accident that I found myself in the National Railway Museum, gaping, looking at an authentic Orient Express: the Presidential Train.

The staff of the Museum, with the kindness that characterizes them, offered to take me on a tour, and I found myself hopelessly in love.

Many people assume that the experience we now call “The Presidential” was born at that time, but it is not true. It was at dinner that night when I tried to share what I had seen with my family and said, “We must have an idea for this Train!”, To which my 10-year-old daughter replied “... why don’t we make a restaurant on it?”.

This experience is the result of many hours of work, of many people as committed as I am to this magnificent piece of history. But more than that, it is the result of the imagination and daring of a girl born almost two centuries after the train that lends its name, and lives as proof of what is possible when the parents listen to their children.

To my daughter Inês, Thank you.